Haandbryggeriet is a Norwegian small-scale brewery situated in Drammen, an old working-class city, situated around the Drammen River. The production is all Ales; -all non-filtered, non-pasteurized. The range is wide, from Sour Ales, through other traditional ales, to New innovative types of ale. Often containing local/nordic ingredients like crowberries, juniper berries or seabuckthorn.

In may 2005, in an old hosiery factory from 1874, the first licensed Haandbryggeriet ales were bottled, and packed for sale. Founded by 4 beer enthusiasts with a drive and wish to add to a small and narrow national beer-market, the brewery emphasizes diversity and high quality production..

In 2006 we also started making sour ales, both bright lambic styles, and dark, barrel-aged flemsih brown/reds. We were lucky to get hold of used wine-barrels of oak from Burgundy, which still serves us well. We also use oak barrells previously used for Aquavit and Eau de Vie in our oak-aging Projects.

After an upgrade in 2007-2008, the brew-capacity went from 900 to 2000 liters. A serie of traditional ales, based upon old norwegian brew-tradition, was released, – containing ales like: «Hesjeøl», «Norwegian Wood», «Farwell Ale» and «Røyk uten ild». We also made seasonal strong ales for Christmas: «Nissemor» & «Nissefar» and «Lompas jul.

At Borefts Beer Festival, 2010,- our version of the award- winning De Molen IPA: «Vuur & Vlam», won first prize and right to name the ale: «Fyr & Flamme».

Many other ales later, Haandbryggeriet had to move from the old, charming hoisery factory to larger premises. In December 2011, we started brewing at Sundland, an aerea of old brickwalled buildings wich once housed railway workshops. As a tribute to its history, we brewed a black IPA, «Sundland Kreosot» In addition our seasonal ale-range got larger, so did our basic range. We also released a serie of fruit-ales,- using local berries and fruits.

The upcoming spring of 2012, we invited fellow brewers & brewerys and opened Sundland for the public in our very first beer-festival «Haand-fest», since then, an annual event.

In 2013, a new italian bottling-line, and further lack of space led to a descission to move yet again. This time to Brakerøya, just ouside of Drammen, in another old brickwalled industrial builiding. This time, a brand new 5000 liter Rolec brewery increased our brewing capacity, and we still have room for our sour ale production, and our lovely old burgund wine barrels. Currently we enjoy  having rebrewed a few of our old favourites; Odins Tipple, Dark Force and Haandbakk.

Still to come are our new brews. New equipment-  new recipes, new techniqes – new beginnings.

We have come a long way since humble beginnings. Still brewing beer with the same commitment.


  • Name: Haandbryggeriet AS
  • Founders: Jens Maudal, Rune Eriksen, Arne Eide and Egil Hilde
  • Founded: May 2005
  • Location: Since 2014 :Brakerøya, Drammen, Norway.
  • Brew-style: Real Ales- non filtered -nor pasteurized.
  • Brewery: 5000l Rolec
  • Events: HaandFest Beer festival. Est. 2012. Last weekend of May.
  • Guided Tours: Yes