About us

From humble beginnings in 2005 in an old hosiery factory from 1874 we have come a long way. In desember 2011 we moved into larger premises, still old, from early 1900, but more suited to our needs. It was once one of the workshop buildings for the railways.

We created a new beer to celebrate the move, incorperating the name of the area, Sundland, and the thick black preseverative used on the sleepers, creasote, Sundland Kreasot.

In 2014 we had  grown out of these premises and moved again to another old building. We have invested in a new brew house and tanks, with the bottling line from 2013 we have increased our capacity greatly but still brew beer with the same comitment as in 2005.


Here you see a panoramic view of our brewery before the move in 2014. The day this photo was taken we did a friendly brew together with the people from Närke.

This style Old Ale we did is very promising, its full of different local ingredients from Sweden and Norway.